New Japanese Language School opened in October 2020

教育方針 Education Policy

We will bring up persons who can act globally through Japanese Language education.


目標1.実践日本語力 Practical ability of Japanese language


Our achievement target is to acquire four pratical abilities of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Those abilities will lead you not only to pass the examination but also to achieve Japanese Language abilities that will be really useful when studying in a higher level of education and working at Japanese company.

目標2.自立的な学習 Autonomous Learning

room 203

It is necessary to act the lessons, not only listen to the lecture in order to improve your practical skills. By making plurality of answers, no-right-answer in leaning or adopting class activities of which student is a leadership, will help student getting in a habit of learning autonomously. By setting your achievement and studying by yourself, you will feel having a sense of fulfillment and you may feel studying very hard but fun.

目標3.日本語能力試験JLPT  N1, N2, N3 & EJU


It is our aim to pass N1 or N2 test, but it is another aim that all the students will pass N3 test at least. And you should try your best to get good score of EJU test for your higher education.We always perform the examination preparation of the JLPT and EJU test during learning practical Japanese language abilities.

Study in a higher level education like a university

This is a big step to make your dream come true. We support in individual absolutely for success in an exam and then help you to find a school for the next higher level education.


Desire to bring up persons who can act globally


理事長 佐野 一
President Sano Hajime

While I have run my company for many years, I always put my first priority on how to bring person up. And now I think it is a good time to handle my business to young generations, then I can start to do business of education that is my dream for long time. I believe that the excellent human resources from the foreign country are necessary for Japan from now on.

I desire to bring up a person who can act globally between Japan and the mother country through doing business of Japanese Language education to the foreign student.